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About Us

Want to Be Treated Like the President?

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Executive Physical Services

The Most Intensive Physical Possible

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Proof Our Physicals Work

Live 17 Years Longer Like Presidents

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Dr. Elting used his experience as White House Physician to design the Presidential Health Care Center, which provides the most comprehensive Executive Physical possible, the same as received by the President of the United States. The Center is a private medical practice located on the new Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital campus with facilitated access to the most advanced medical technologies. Physicals include a full year of uniquely Attentive Concierge Care and many other special services. Learn More

Why You Need Our Physical

Heart attacks, strokes, and cancer occur prematurely more often than you think Learn More

Our Advantages

Better than a body scan and more care than concierge
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Jeffrey A. Elting M.D., M.P.H., M.S. – Founder
Former, White House Physician
Medical Director, DC Hospital Association
Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
West Point Graduate


At the Center, we offer everyone the opportunity to have the same special preventive healthcare program as received by the President of the U.S., and we are laser-focused on our mission to prevent life-threatening diseases. And, if a condition is not preventable, we have a proactive process for diagnosing early, so a state-of-the-art treatment has the best chance to produce a cure.

High-Tech Imaging

Multiple, advanced imaging technologies-128-slice CT, 3-Tesla MRI, Ultrasound Learn More

Sophisticated Lab Testing

Genetic analyses, cardiac labs, cancer markers, mid-year testing for trends Learn More

Advanced Biophysical Procedures & Hospital

Cardiopulmonary Tests, Home Sleep Studies, Brain Function Assessments, Johns Hopkins Learn more


Attentive Concierge Care

Physicians with White House experience, professional team, concierge & advocacy services
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Convenience & Quality Features

One-stop care, in-office blood testing, personal escort, private suites, strict confidentiality Learn More

Proof Presidential Healthcare Works

Proof Presidential Healthcare℠ Works – Live healthier and longer
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Proof Our Executive Physicals Work

The President of the United States receives a special program of healthcare, and a recent study published in the renowned Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated that Presidents live significantly longer than expected. Specifically, coinciding with the development of advanced preventive healthcare practices, modern Presidents have lived to an average age of 89, or 17 years longer than expected.


Expected Lifespan of All Presidents (Expressed as percentage of 100-year lifespan goal)
Actual Lifespan of All Presidents (+5.5 Years)
Actual Lifespan for Modern Presidents  Since 1975 (+17 years)
How Many Additional Years Can You Expect? (17 or more with Presidential Healthcare)
Furthermore, the outstanding medical and mental condition of the oldest presidents and their spouses reflects the potential for remaining active and productive during those additional years of life.

To give you equal opportunity for presidential longevity and well-being, the Center serves as the nation’s premier private provider of Presidential Healthcare specializing in the same comprehensive Executive Physical as received by the President of the United States.



The Premier Concierge Healthcare Practice in the Nation’s Capital

Preventive executive physicals catch diseases in their earliest stages and help you maximize your health and longevity.

Attentive primary care lets you have round-the-clock access to the doctor, skip the waiting room forever, and gather all of your healthcare needs–from dermatology to cardiology–under one roof.

Established by Dr. Jeffrey Elting, former White House Physician, the Presidential Healthcare Center specializes in bringing the same level of care received by the President of the United States to busy families, executives and those frustrated by assembly-line medicine.

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How It Works

How to get started
The first step is to have a brief telephone interview with your personal Presidential Healthcare Physician to answer your questions and to learn about your medical history and health concerns.

Based upon the information gained, your physician will create a custom-tailored program of preventive evaluation that fits your personal risks, goals, and budget. A copy of the program will be mailed and/or emailed to you for review. Changes can be made if you have additional input or develop new medical concerns.

You may select a date/time for your physical at any time during the process by calling 202-537-1100 or
emailing Info@PresidentialHealthcareCenter.com We generally schedule appointments weeks to a month in advance but will always work to accommodate your schedule or an urgent issue. Instructions regarding fasting and preparation for your physical will be included in your program letter and you will receive a reminder call prior to your visit.

Your Visit
Your executive physical will generally last just half a day, but the seamless experience will provide all the studies you would ordinarily spend weeks tracking down–from laboratory, to imaging to heart scans, to mammograms to dermatology and dentistry.

Some early results will become available and be reviewed the day of your visit, but the sophisticated laboratory and special imaging results will require longer for interpretation. If this is your first physical, a 1-hour follow-up appointment (7-10 days later) will be scheduled so your physician can review results with you in person, and together you can design a plan for lowering risks and managing any problems identified during the evaluation.

A full written summary of the evaluation including all result printouts will be sent to you right after your visit. In subsequent years, follow-up may be by telephone and email/mail if more convenient for you.

Year Long Program

The highest quality primary care available is complimentary for the rest of the year. Whether you need advice, prescription refills, coordination of referrals, routine vaccinations, your physician (and the Center’s medical team) is at your disposal by phone, email, text, or walk-in appointment. We will also coordinate with and send results to your other physicians

Additionally, your annual executive physical program includes a mid-year laboratory evaluation to monitor for trends and to measure improvements in health.

On the annual anniversary date of your physical, a custom program for the following year will be designed. Guided by results, diagnoses, your input, and newly available technologies, it will generally include both brand new and rescreening studies. This continuous process will ensure continuity of care and the best long-term outcome.


The annual cost depends on the tests included in your executive physical program, but generally ranges between $4000 and $7000. You will know the full cost in advance, and there is no charge or co-pay for primary care services during the next full year. To maintain continuity of care, you will need to renew each year. We also offer family, military, and small business & corporate discounts.

Additionally, the cost will likely be significantly decreased, because, on your behalf, we will provide complimentary insurance claim submission to your insurance carrier with the reimbursements going directly back to you. The typical reimbursement is 10%-40%, depending upon the details of your policy.


Contact Us

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or if you have a question:

Address: 5215 Loughboro Road NW Presidential Suite 470 Washington, DC 20016 Phone: (202) 537-1100
Email: info@PresidentialHealthcareCenter.com

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