What we do?

We provide our patients with the most intensive examinations possible. Our physicals include sophisticated laboratory tests, high-tech imaging studies, and advanced biophysical procedures–the same ones administered to current and former presidents. Each executive health program is custom-tailored to individual patients, taking into account their specific risk factors, lifestyle choices, family history, and future health goals. Our executive health programs also include a mid-year assessment to track trends and to ensure that patients are healthy all year long. As always, primary care is free for our patients for the rest of the year–and unlike most practices, our patients enjoy 24/7 access to the doctor.

What makes the Presidential Healthcare Center…”presidential”?

Dr. Jeffrey Elting, the Center’s medical director, served the President himself–along with the Vice President and all of the First and Second families–during his tenure as White House Physician. He knows first-hand the type of intensive, all-access care afforded to the President of the United States and currently strives to bring that level of healthcare to his select group of patients in the nation’s capital. Presidents live longer than their peers thanks to the thorough and attentive care they receive throughout their lives–the same caliber of care you can find at the Center.

Do you have to be a President to get care at the Center?

Absolutely not. Preventive executive physicals are not just for the Presidents, the wealthy, and executives. They are for individuals, spouses, grandparents, children, businesses and key employees. They’re for anyone who wants peace-of-mind when it comes to their health and longevity.

What makes us different?

There are plenty of medical practices out there that advertise executive healthcare. Most, however, simply can’t stack up. Other practices offer pre-packaged evaluations–that is, you will receive the same studies and evaluations as every other patient regardless of your history or lifestyle. At the Center, our health programs are always personalized. We know that medicine isn’t one-size-fits-all and each patient works with their doctor to create a preventive program that fits their personal risks, goals and budget.  The Center also has the best hospital-grade, high-resolution imaging technology and laboratory services on hand in the medical suite on the Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital Campus. And while most executive physical practices send their patients back to their primary care doctors as soon as their executive physicals are complete–regardless of whether patients actually have one or not– we provide the most attentive primary care available, around the clock for a full year. What’s more, we offer our primary care free of charge. Your doctor essentially becomes the medical representative for you, an advocate, finding the best available specialists when needed, and ensuring that you get the care you deserve in a timely fashion. At the Presidential Healthcare Center, we take the hassle out of healthcare.

How many patients do you provide care for?

We maintain a very low patient-to-physician ratio to ensure all our patients receive prompt and personalized attention. You will never see a crowded waiting room or wait days to hear back from your doctor at the Center. New physicians will be joining the practice shortly as the Center expands.

Do you accept Medicare or participate with insurance?

Unfortunately Medicare and many insurance carriers limit the preventive care services they will allow, making it impossible for the Center to participate since we go far above standard care. We will however, as a complimentary service, submit claims on your behalf to your insurance carrier requesting reimbursement be sent to you (est. 10-40%).   We will not submit any claims to Medicare and you may not submit claims to Medicare for payment for any services provided by the Center. However, participation in our practice will not affect your Medicare coverage and Medicare will still generally cover labs, x-rays, hospitals, other services needed for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.

I have a Health Spending Account, Flexible Spending Plan, or a Medical Savings Plan.  Can I use that to pay?
In many cases, you may be able to use such funds to pay for all or a portion of the physical. By using pre-tax dollars designated for medical expenditures, you may be able to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

How does the Center’s executive healthcare program work?

While every patient’s care is different, the typical executive healthcare program begins with a consultation between you and your doctor, during which you provide detailed information about your goals, history and concerns to help us design your preventive physical. An executive physical is an annual visit that you can schedule at your convenience, with both early morning and late afternoon appointments available. The typical executive physical lasts just half a day, but takes care of the studies you would ordinarily spend weeks tracking down. After your physical, the highest quality of primary care available is complimentary for the rest of the year. Whether you need a flu shot, a physical therapist, major surgery or help to stave off an oncoming cold when you’re on the road, the Center’s medical team is at your disposal by phone, email or walk-in appointment. A mid-year laboratory assessment between executive physicals will help track your health trends and assist us in continuing our attentive, comprehensive care.

How do I get started?
You may start the process by calling the office at 202-537-1100 or emailing Info@ PresidentialHealthcareCenter.com to schedule a telephone conversation with your physician.


The Presidential Healthcare Center provides a unique approach to executive physicals and concierge medicine– the most patient-focused and attentive care available. Many prospective patients have questions about our examinations, comprehensive primary care and top-notch facilities. If you do not see your question answered here, please feel free to call or contact us at Info@PresidentialHealthcareCenter.com and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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