Proof It Works

The President of the United States receives a special program of healthcare, and a recent study published in the renowned Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrated that Presidents live significantly longer than expected. Specifically, coinciding with the development of advanced preventive healthcare practices, modern Presidents have lived to an average age of 89, or 17 years longer than expected.

Average Lifespan of All Men (Expressed as percentage of 100-year lifespan goal)
Actual Lifespan of All Presidents (+5.5 Years)
Actual Lifespan for Modern Presidents  Since 1975 (+17 years)
How Many Additional Years Can You Expect? = 0, 17 or more with Presidential Healthcare ??

Furthermore, the outstanding medical and mental condition of the oldest presidents and their spouses reflects the potential for remaining active and productive during those additional years of life.

To give you equal opportunity for presidential longevity and well-being, the Center serves as the nation’s premier private provider of Presidential Healthcare specializing in the same comprehensive Executive Physical as received by the President of the United States.

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